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Ever get the feeling that most horror games would make way better horror movies than the movies we see today? I really feel like producers forgot how to make a good horror movie. I mean look at jaws back in its time. That movie made people scared of the ocean. Freddy C. Made people scared to sleep. Now I know those movies are not as great as movies today, you can tell that jaws is a robot, and that mother being dragged through the window is a doll. But for that time. Those were real horror movies. I've watched a lot of horror movies that the trailer made it seem like I was going to piss myself but after watching it I couldn't stop laughing or wish I had a trades so I could stop myself from watching it... I mean come on. I want good jump scares. I want to see the monster look so damn horrifying that I'll have nightmares for a month that every sound that's made when I'm home alone to be the thought of that monster is here to kill me. I think that producers should check out Creepypasta, those are the horror stories that need to come to life on the big screen. I'm not saying every Creepypasta, but the well known ones. Jeff the killer, Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack. And so many more of those guys. They are the ones that send chills down your spin. Now I know Creepypasta isn't a game, but still. They are on here for being so damn good at being creepy. SCP Containment Breach. This. Is. The top game that NEEDS to be a movie. Look at all those monsters running around, most of them are creepy as fuck. I believe that game would make a great horror movie, there's so much to explore in the game, there's things you need to advance to new areas, you need to be careful of the monsters that are free to rom around. There's even a nightmare area that one of the monsters can take you too. And you have to deal with that guy popping up at random. Next there is Last of Us. Now I know the game isn't that scary but the story is amazing and they have unique zombies. Such as the fresh infected where they are still kinda human but are closer to a zombie, there's those fucking Clickers. God those things are what we need in horror movies. They make you be stealthy because they go by sound. Horror movies need that. Stealth is the thing that makes people nervous, you might fuck it up and it's game over or you make it out alive. Let's not forget the blotters. The big fat, spore throwing assholes that use up all your amo, arrows and explosive craft. They are hard to kill when you are on your own. They are even harder to kill when there's over zombies after you including clickers. Those things are brutal. Let's get one of those in a horror movie and have it just as hard to kill as it is in the game. I've seen that thing be set on fire and still charge after me. Here we move on to the Evil Within. I know a lot of you are like, that game sucks. Well I don't think so. I see a great art designed game, a play through that's inside the insane mind of a dark demon. A crazy person that seems to run past all demons unharmed and the main character put through hell. The demons in this game have detail to what pain are happening to them. With barb wires going through out their bodies. Nails. Pretty much a bunch of painful things that are apart of them. Plus they can hold weapons and torches. There's also not a lot of amo. I mean there's like no amo at all. Thankfully you can hit the bastards. I personally have t plaid a lot of the game, I'm stuck in one part, sadly. But watching what markiplier has plaid, this game can be a horror movie if they keep a lot of the cut senesce and game play. You might hate me for saying this. Five Nights at Freddy's franchise. WB has announced that they are going to make FNAF into a movie. I have no idea how that will turn out. I don't know if it's all the games or the two or one or the third or the forth. But they said they will do it. I can only wait to see how it turns out. 

If there was a really good horror game that should be a movie that I didn't list, leave the tittle down bellow and I'll write another one of these with those titles and reasons why they'd make better horror movies.


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