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Take my shitty creepypasta! Take it!!!!
- Storm

It was my little sister Alexa's birthday. My parents and I have been planing this day for three months. We were going to Disney land, it'll be Alexa's first time going. Alexa is thirteen now, the reason she's never been to Disney land is because our parents can't afford it. Before Alexa was born, our parents used to take me all the time.... That was before father got fired from his job. He never told me what his job was, but whatever he did must have been really bad. Now no one will higher him. Alexa doesn't understand why father doesn't have a job and will always try to help him find one. 

Everything was packed in the car and ready to go, when we told Alexa where we were going, she bolted out of the door and into the car. I couldn't help but smile, I'm eighteen, sure I'm a little too old to be going to a place as childish as Disney land. You're probably thinking why I don't just stay home alone or maybe even stay with a friend, I'll tell you this, I love my little sister and if she wants to ride that Winnie the Pooh ride then I will be right with her on that ride. Seeing how happy Alexa was brought back memories of my running to the car ready to go when my parents told me we were going to Disney land. I got in the back seat of the car with Alexa. Mother with asleep and Alexa was watching pew dispose videos on the iPhone I gave her when I got my iPhone 5. When the four hour drive was over, dad pulled up to the hotel and mom got our room keys. Father parked the car, Alexa and I helped him carry in the luggage. We got scuttled in our rooms, it was too late to go to the park.

We hung out in the hotel getting stuff unpacked and relaxing, everyone was starting to get hungry so we went out to down town Disney district that just outside the park. We walked there since the hotel wasn't that far away, I noticed there wasn't many people walking around, I just figured that it was late and people had already left the park or are still in the park for the nightly lights parade. Father wanted to eat at the ESPN Zone, no one complained since we knew there was something there that all of us would like on the menu. Dad and I would normally get the hottest wings on the menu, if the restaurant had wings on the menu, or the house burger. Mom would always get a veggie burger with a side salad. Alexa always ordered pasta if it was on the menu, if not she will have a cheese burger with a side salad. The restaurant was almost empty if it wasn't for the people that worked there and a few loud obnoxious teens playing the games, they looked like they were around my age. There were poster of famous sports players all around the room, I didn't know who these people are but they had to do something to make it big to be recognized by people who follow sports. After an hour the teens left, they were quiet leaving. Strange don't you think? It felt like a real ghost town in the restaurant, no one else came in once the teens left. The employees that worked here were quiet, they didn't make a sound as they softly talked to one another in the corner of the place. Our waiter was a tall teen that looked like he was only skin and bones, he had a skull piercing on his left ear. His hair was thick and curly, I'd say he was a brunet but his hair looked a little darker than it should have been, he was really pale like snow pale, but his eyes where bright blue, just stunning to see. His name was Mike, he never said a word, he just nodded and wrote his answers to our questions on a paper. I asked him why he wasn't talking... He didn't answered that one, I guess it was a little too personal for him. Mike seemed pretty nice until I noticed he kept looking at me, giving me weird creepy looks. I tried my best to ignore him, but when I looked away I could still feel him staring at me. I held Alexa's hand, she didn't mind and didn't ask what was wrong. I just need someone to hold to keep me from freaking out about the watering staring at me. It was getting really late, everything in down town Disney was closed... Everything but the restaurant we were still in. They closed up as soon as we left, I had to carry Alexa back to the hotel. The room my sister and I were sharing was fairly large, with two beds and a flatscreen TV. The bathroom wasn't as big as it should have been, but it was still a bit roomy. As soon as I walked into the room I dropped Alexa on her bed watching her heavy sleeping body bounce back up and lay still on top of the covers. I laid in my bed texting my friends, I didn't sleep until it was four in the morning. I got a few hours of sleep at least, but I could have gone without my little sister jumping on me trying to get me to get out of bed. She was yelling with excitement, another thing I don't want to wake to in the morning. I luged myself out of bed, took a nice long shower and got dressed. Alexa, father and mother were already waiting for me outside the hotel. I grabbed my phone and earbuds running out of the hotel to catch up with my family who were already down the block.

There's always that really long wait in line just to get into the park, and for some reason
you always get stuck behind people who don't speak English and take an hour to get into the park. Well that happened to us, except there was more than one group in front of us, what luck, right? After that nightmare ended, the real one was just beginning. The first ride my sister wanted to go on was Its A Small World. I hate that ride, little small robotic dolls, singing and dancing, it's just plain creepy. How can anyone find that cute or even good for little kids to ride? I had nightmares of those fuckers. I stood there staring at the long snake line that led to the entrance of the huge building that held the ride. I wanted to tell my little sister I didn't wanted to go but she looked at me in that way I look at at my parents whenever I wanted something, I couldn't refuse, we waited in line for this... Nightmare of a ride. We stood in that damn line for hours, I couldn't stop thinking about those dolls the song plaid in my head each verse was worse than the last and having that song being plaid on the speakers on full blast didn't help either. My eyes grew wide as I realized I was at the front of the line clutching my sisters hand, we got in the boat and I was already at a panic. We went through the tunnel and I shut my eyes tightly not wanting to look, I covered my ears, I couldn't listen to that song. What was worse is that Alexa was shoving me making the boat rock a bit, I snapped my eyes open and I looked at her through watery eyes, I just want this ride to end and we aren't even half way done. My expression couldn't be seen with my shade on and I was forced into singing along to the song, I looked around the room watching the dolls. I begged for this ride to be other under my breath, the fear I was feeling was something I never feared before, far worse than the fear I have watching horror movies or playing horror games. The ride was finally coming to the end, I watched the line of dolls and the very last one, it was different. It wasn't dancing or singing. In fact it wasn't even smiling, it had a frown on its face and black hallow eyes. I watched it, waiting to see it do something, a chill ran down my spin when the dolls head moved to the side slightly. I was beyond scared, staring at the doll until it was out of sight. I was blinded when the bright light of the sun, as the boat moved out of the building. Alexa wanted to go again, I was about ready to say we can't wait in the long line again when I looked out to find it was empty... That's not possible, it was jam packed with people when we got there and more piled in behind us. What was going on here? I was snapped out of my train of thought and confusion when our parents called us over and Alexa dragged me over to them. I was glad I didn't have to take that ride again but... The people behind us... Where did everyone go? I watched the man working the ride put a sign saying it was out of order. 

The day continued and I couldn't help but think of that Small World ride, the doll, and the lack of people in line when Alexa and I got off the ride. I wondered off to a small path, I guess I was really lost in my thoughts to loose my family. I followed the path to what seemed like an abandon building, it was small, like the size of a kids bedroom. There were vines and other plants on the sides of the concrete building and trees growing around it. Looked like the trees were planted there to keep this place hidden. I found the door, I tried to open it but it was stuck, I pushed harder until I heard a crack then some footsteps. Was... Was someone in there? No. Maybe it was an animal. I gave the door one last push and fell through it like someone had timed it perfect to open the door just as I was about to open it by force. I landed on the ground hard, I looked up to find a Mickey Mouse head laying right in front of me. I screamed and jumped to my feet, the room was dark except for the small bit of light coming through the door, it was just enough to see older made mascot suits of the Disney characters. I smiled and grabbed a Mickey body suit, it was covered in dust, I checked for bugs and put it on, next the feet. I grabbed the head, dusted it off and again checked for bugs before putting it on. I found a mirror and moved around in the costume, I did impersonations of Mickey. I pulled out my phone and took a few pictures to show to my friends. I was having fun, not having a care about the horror I had on the Small World ride. I slipped out of the shoes and body suit taking a few mor pictures of me with the head on. I started to breath heavily in the middle of taking pictures, I set my phone down quickly and gripped Mickeys nose and mouth to pull it off. I tugged on it and it would slip off, my skin started to burn, I could feel my cheeks heat up, slowly itching. The burning feeling grew as I struggled to pull the head off. It was hell, my breath quickened to short raspy gasps as I fell to my hands and knees. I was choking, the head tightened around my throat, this was it. This was the end. I am going to die. On the edge of passing out I heard a soft whisper, followed by a familiar laugh... It was Mickey. The Mouse himself, his whispers grew louder and louder soon turning into a demonic voice, I could hear the voice all around me. It was on repeat, "I kill and never stop." A loud blood curdling screams from kids were right in my ear followed by ringing. I tried one last time to pull the head off, I weakly griped the head and pulled it off. The head landed in the corner of the room, I looked at it and it's eyes glowed red for a minute then back to normal. I laid there staring at the costumes and the Mickey Mouse head. 

My phone went off, it was my mom, she called to let me know they were at the log ride. I sat up and continued to stay in that room until I was able to stand and walk outside, back to the park and sit at a table in a restaurant. I ordered a pitch of water. My phone went off again and it was my best friend Aurora, I told her what I just went through. She didn't believe me, why wouldn't she? I must have sounded crazy telling her that a demonic mascot head almost killed me. I walked over to the ride my mom said they were at, I had two stuff animals, Chip and Dale. My little sister loves Chip and I love Dale, together they are best of friends/brothers and that's how I see my sister and I. Her face lit up when I handed the doll over, I didn't tell my family what happened to me, since they would never have believed me. I smiled at them, my sister and I waited in line and got in the log boat. I loved this ride, Splash Mountain, uncle Ramous was always my favorite story teller, with his friend Br'er Rabbit. I was more than happy to have a calm ride, I looked at all the displays they had before you see Br'er Fox, Bear and Rabbit. Once I saw Br'er Rabbit I knew something was wrong. The way he was set up, I don't remember him being out this early in the ride. I looked closer and Br'er Rabbit was holding a red stained butcher knife and a noose. I gasp at the horror, the log moved past him and to another area. It was dark and creepy, the log stopped moving and sat there. A loud yelp was heard and echoed in the darkness, the yelp couldn't be human, it had to be a animal that made that sound. The lights went on, there it was... Two bloody animals, hanging from the ceiling, one was a black bear dressed like Br'er Bear and the other a fox dressed as Br'er fox. The bodies were dripping blood like they were just killed, I leaned over the side of the log and threw up, I felt something wet, I knew what it was, I didn't dare to look up at the lifeless animals above my head. How could anyone do this to these creatures of nature, what has Disney become!? The log floated out of the room and up a hill, I looked at Alexa, it's like she didn't even see the things that I saw or she did and just isn't bothered by it. A smile was placed on her face and she giggled. We sat at the top of the hill, here it comes, the drop, then the huge party of Br'er Rabbits return home... I hope. We dropped down and went into the tunnel. At first it was normal, playing the song, "Zipedy Do Da," but of course this ride wouldn't have a happy ending, it's been hell so far. The animals that are normally signing and dancing weren't even in their places, it was empty. I saw Br'er Rabbit and he was holding a sign with an arrow pointing up. I tried not to look but was forced to when the ride stopped and soft whispers of "Look up. Look up!" Filled the room, so I did, more of once living animals hung from the ceiling of the room, the song started to skip then dead silence, I looked over to Br'er Rabbit was and the sign was gone and he had his noose and butcher knife again. Just one more room and this is over, log started to move again and Br'er Rabbit was at the end of the ride, he was hanging from the noose he was holding throughout the ride. The butcher knife stuck out of the wall, writer in red above it in bold letters was "HELL."

Alexa and I got off the ride. I trembled in fear from what I saw. Alexa was smiling and giggling, dad gave back her Chip doll and my Dale doll. I held him close, whispering softly to myself "least you aren't something horrible"  I waited a few minutes for the doll to move or talk or even make somewhat of an evil look. Nothing. It didn't do a single thing, I was suspicious about it but knowing it was just a regular stuff animal made me feel better. I held the doll as close to me as I could and I went on a few rides with it for protection. Childish I know, but when you've seen the horror I have, you'd be doing the same thing. The rides were the same, filled with horrific sights and murder of the characters. My dad wouldn't let me take Dale on the Haunted Mansion. I pleaded him to let me take it on the ride and he refused to let me take the toy. "You will get it back once the ride is over" he said with a small grin on his face, I shook my head and walked through the pet cemetery. Some of the names looked familiar, a few had picture with them. I felt bad seeing all these pets that have past, the owners must miss them very much. I walked past them, crying softly, I sat in line with Alexa I was worried on about this ride, this is the Haunted Mansion... Something far worse than the other rides will happen. I just know it. We got on the cart and took off, it was pitch black. It was like that for a good ten minutes, a gun shot echoed and the lights went on. There was no body on the ground, the ghost holograms weren't on, there was no sounds after that gun shot. A man in black came into view, he held a shot gun and looked up at me. He picked up a lifeless body, the man tipped his hat and left, carrying the body out with him. I covered my eyes, we went into the room with the head in the crystal ball, the man was there and he flipped on a switch. He looked up and I did the same, kids bodies hung from the ceiling, the man looked at my sister and I held her close. He moved closer to us, I begged for him to leave her alone, I prayed for the ride to start moving again, I struggled to get the safety bar to unlatch. It wouldn't budge, I screamed when the man reached out for my sister. I grabbed the ahold of his hand and tugged him over to me, warm tears ran down my cheeks as the man pulls out a switch blade knife. The quick stinging sound the blade made as it popped out of its case sent me over the edge, the man brought the blade to my neck and gently dragged it down to my collar bone. I pleaded through sobs and the ride started to move again. I looked back watching the man follow the cart then vanish. The ride came to its end and the bar unlaced and I ran out of the building, my sister followed and grabbed her doll, and dad gave me back mine. I cried into the soft toy holding it close to me as possible. I rest my hand on my neck where the blade was, I felt something wet and pulls my hand back. There was blood smeared on my hand, I gasped and quickly ran to the bathroom looking I the mirror. I wiped the blood away and looked for a cut, I didn't have any wounds on my neck. "That boy" I ran to an open stall and threw up, knowing I had a dead kids blood smeared on me was sickening. What is going on? Why are these horrific things happening. Why am I the only one seeing these things.

That's it. It's time I tell the cops about all the things that had happened. Even if its all in my head at least the cop will listen with me and check things out for that creepy man that killed all those kids... Right? I mean a cop wouldn't just pushed that to the side. As my family and I walked to the Alice in Wonderland themed area, my sister and parents went on the Mad Hatters spinning tea cups, while they were on that ride I looked for a police man to talk to. I found one that was sitting at a near by café. "So this all started after you got off Its a Small World ride," I nodded, "Yes sir. I saw a doll that wasn't doing anything, black sockets where its eyes should have been," "I see little lady. And then the animals in the log ride weren't the regular robotic animals but real dead ones hanging from the ceiling?" "Yes sir, and the only character still a robotic animal was Br'er Rabbit and he carried a noose and a butcher knife throughout the ride," "And then a man with a switch blade knife, wearing a large coat that cover his body, shot a young boy and carried him out to another room from the room the shot was currently in? Then came after your little sister then forced you to see hanging bodies of unfortunate kids, still bleeding. You are the only one who saw all these things? Your little sister had no idea what you were talking about when you told her something strange is going on?" "Sir, I know I must sound crazy saying all those things but its true. please believe me, I know what I saw and I know non of this is in my head." Head... That's right! The Mickey Mouse head. I need to show him that small shack with the costumes. "Sir if I may... There is one other thing that happened to me, and I can show you where it happened and what happened. Please," "I will go with you, and until you can prove your other stories true, they are still messed up disturbing stories." I nodded and took the cop back to the area where that abandon building was. "Where's the path? No, no this cant be happening. I swear there was a path here that led to this abandon building filled with Disney mascots," "Well? Whats the hold up kid?" "I.... I'm sorry I waisted your time sir.." warm tears fell down my cheeks. I felt a firm hand on my shoulder, "Listen kid.. I will look into that man you told me about. If you truly believe all the things you said happened to you then I will look into that one thing. Does that make you feel any better?" I nodded softly smiling up at the police man. "Thank you sir. It really means a lot that you are doing this with no evidence," the cop smiled and took his leave towards the Haunted Mansion and I went back to my family. I guess they didn't noticed I left since no one asked me where I went.

"Hey Alex... Did you notice anything weird on the spinning tea cups?" "Um... No.. Nothing weird at all... Well actually at an angel and the way the tea cup was facing I was able to see up on top of that mushroom with the story book on it, and I saw a shoe.. I thought it was strange but I guess someone just threw their shoe up there just for the fun of it," "Alright, Thank you sis." We smiled at one another and laughed at the thought of some guy taking off his shoe and throwing it up on a mushroom. I could just picture the person walking around with one shoe on and one off or wearing mismatched shoes. The thought passed when stood up on my toes to see the shoe on the mushroom........ (NOT FINISHED) 


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